FLA Chair & Cushion - Black
FLA Chair & Cushion - Black
FLA Chair & Cushion - Black
FLA Chair & Cushion - Black
FLA Chair & Cushion - Black
FLA Chair & Cushion - Black

FLA Chair & Cushion - Black


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FLA, chair with cushion, stylish and stackable.

Discover the Fla Chair with cushion by TOOU Design, a remarkable addition to the Canadian furniture market that redefines modern seating. Originating from its unique design feature, a vibrant orange flap-like fin under the seat, the Fla chair stands out in both style and functionality. This fin isn't just an aesthetic choice; it also underscores the chair's innovative stacking capability. Fla chairs are the epitome of lightweight and multipurpose design. Weighing just over 3kg, these chairs are not only easily portable but also reconfigurable, meeting the diverse needs of today's dynamic lifestyles in Canada.

The Fla chair is a masterclass in space efficiency. Its ability to stack up to six chairs high makes it an ideal choice for a variety of Canadian settings, from casual home gatherings to more formal events. Each chair is crafted from robust polypropylene, using a single mold technique that ensures durability and a sleek, minimalist look. The added cushion on each chair enhances comfort without compromising the chair's streamlined silhouette.

Designed with subtle armrests, the Fla chair integrates dynamic curves with crisp, clean lines, offering an attractive and versatile aesthetic that adapts seamlessly to different environments. This chair is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a blend of functionality, comfort, and modern design, all in one. Perfect for indoor use, the Fla chair is crafted from polypropylene, ensuring it is lightweight and easy to clean. With dimensions of 57 x 53 x 77 cm and a seat height of 30.3 cm, it is the perfect size for various indoor spaces.

The Fla chair, with its blend of style, practicality, and comfort, is an ideal choice for those who value both aesthetics and functionality in their furniture. Whether you're hosting an event or simply looking for a stylish, practical seating solution, the Fla chair is designed to meet your needs. Bring the perfect blend of style and functionality to your space with the Fla chair.

  • Lightweight
  • Indoor use only
  • Stackable x 6 pcs
  • Polypropylene
  • Width: 20.8" / 53 cm
  • Depth: 22.4" / 57 cm
  • Height: 30.3" / 77 cm
  • Seated height: 19.1" / 48.5 cm
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs / 4 kg
  • Use lukewarm water and neutral soap.
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    FLA Chair, Style Meets Functionality

    Welcome TOOU Design's Fla Chair to Canada, an impressive blend of chic design and practicality. This chair distinguishes itself with its striking bright orange fin under the seat, a design choice that enhances its aesthetic appeal and showcases its unique stackable nature. Ideal for Canadian shoppers who value both style and convenience, the Fla Chair is a versatile addition to both indoor and outdoor environments.

    Simone Viola, designer for TOOU Design.

    The Designer

    Simone Viola

    FLA Chair by TOOU: Stylish, Durable, Lightweight, Stackable, Comfortable, Space-Efficient, Versatile for Indoor and Outdoor Use.

    Why choose FLA?

    Style Meets Function

    Choose the FLA Chair for its stylish design, durability, lightweight build, and versatile indoor and outdoor use.