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14 products

If you close your eyes and think of a lounge chair, in all likelihood you will imagine overly lavish interiors. Not anymore. Tasca is a collection with a refined but deliberately non-exclusive design: it stands out as a countertrend item, eliminating stereotypes and allowing everyone to have access to beauty.

Refined but deliberately non-exclusive design

Conceived with a double function, for both private and public spaces, Tasca collection consists of a lounge and a footrest, characterized by a modern design and an irresistible and timeless elegance. Sober and comfortable Tasca Collection makes every room welcoming and creates the perfect location to enjoy a moment of peace in which time flies imperceptibly.

By Simone Viola

The lounge and the footrest form a unique collection thanks to the clever use of a single modular cushion in which lies the heart of the project, composed of elements in recycled materials. With its distinctive black metal base and fabric or eco-leather upholstery, Tasca collection offers a range of options that makes it perfect for all tastes.