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61 products

Being productive in front of your computer? Having a meal? Kicking back and reading a book? A lot of situations involve us sitting down. And sitting down differently. That's why chairs are some of the most important pieces of furniture in our homes. And it's also why you need different chairs for different situations. Conceived for both interior and exterior furnishing with a contemporary aesthetic that fits every living style, TOOU chairs are designed and built for each one of us.

TOOU, chairs for every occasion

Our primary aim is that every TOOU product is desirable, affordable, and customizable, with a range of materials, shapes, and colors that can transform a mass-produced product into a highly personal one.

Ergonomics that are fit for your home

Luckily, we have all the chairs you need – from simple dining chairs to comfy lounge chairs, in many styles and designs. So, go wild with TOOU assortment and we'll guarantee you'll have somewhere nice to sit when you're done.