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8 products

Holi by TOOU is a collection that will embrace your body at the right height, allowing you to comfortably relax your back while maintaining slim, non-encumbering proportions.

A design object stands out for aesthetic, shape, and colour

A design object stands out for aesthetic, shape, and colour, as well as for manageability and functionality. Yet, only a chair has the power to literally disappear from our sight as we are using it, and if we forget about it while sitting, then it means it is very comfortable; it welcomes the weight of our body and allows us to rest, to work or to sit at a table for a long time.

Holi, a wide range of sitting solutions

The collection offers a wide range of sitting solutions, with or without armrests, and two different heights for the stools, which are all stackable. Holi was designed with either a closed or a perforated seat, creating an ideal stylistic continuum. The metallic structure is painted in the exact same shade as the polypropylene shell, giving the impression of a monoblock element.